Tommy's Joynt

1101 Geary Blvd @ Van Ness Ave
phone: 415.775.4216
Cafeteria Style, American
Full Bar

Tommy's Joynt has a well-deserved cult status. It's an old-timer cafeteria-style you-can-eat-well-for-cheap kinda place. Feels like a bar, but the food puts it in a class all its own.

The Ambience:
There are two large floors with a big bar and wooden tables in a dark cabin-in-the-woods type of atmosphere.

The Menu:
They've got it all. Huge sandwiches, stews, daily platters, spaghetti, rice, bratwurst and veggies. Then there's the honest to god buffalo meat. They also offer over 100 beers.

The Food:
It's tricky not to go psychosomatic here. The food was probably pretty good, but I felt kind of weird eating slabs of fresh cut meat in a bar. Since I was there about two years ago, I'm going to have to give an "I don't remember" status on this one.

The Service:
I can't say anyone there was happy to see me. Both the cafeteria line chef and the bartender seemed a little put out by all the customers, but I suppose that's part of the cult-status charm.

Reservations: Not accepted.

Overall: B-
An experience truly unique in SF.

Reviewed : Oct 2003

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