2100 Market St. @ Church
San Francisco, CA 94114
phone: 415.503.0333
hours: Daily 5:30-10pm, Sunday brunch 10:30am-2:30 pm
Full Bar

I tried. I tried really hard. I've been to Home half a dozen times and have either waited an hour for a table, a waiter, my food or the check. They really don't seem to care at all for their customers (at least THIS customer).

Once a friend of mine was at another table. She asked the waiter to send us a bottle of wine. We weren't drinking anymore that night, but asked him in return to buy her a cocktail on us and send our thanks. He never did. She thought we refused the wine and didn't bother to thank her.

Most of the time, my problem with Home is more simple than that: the waiters cannot get their shit together.

The Ambience:
The patio is stellar with heat lamps and comfy chairs. They have a large indoor area that's slightly over-crowded. Modern décor including very funky marble bathroom sinks. Appropriate lighting and music.

The Menu:
American cuisine with many classic dishes and a few inventive ones. $12-$23 a plate.

The Food:
Tasty if you can get it served to you. Good value.

The Service:
Ass, ass, ass.

Reservations: Not necessary, but suggested.

Overall: F
Join me in my boycott. What good is decent food if you can't get anyone to place the order or bring it from the kitchen? And yes, I am bitter.

Reviewed : Oct 2003

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