3621 18th St. (between Guerrero & Dolores)
San Francisco, CA 94110
phone: 415.552.4055
hours: Sun-Thurs 5:30-10pm, Fri & Sat 5:30-11pm
Beer and Wine only

The staff at Delfina used to wear t-shirts that said "Don't be afraid of your food." Fearless they were, with inventive recipes prepared to perfection. They offered an exciting dinner in a low key, hipster-class environment.

Two years ago they traded in their motto. They're still mildy creative, but perhaps a little...afraid of their food. It's not so bad though. The chefs, however fearful, do a great job with the menu they have.

The Ambience:
Crowded, loud, small and busy. Always busy.

The Menu:
Small and somewhat consistent. The chicken and steak are always there to appease the fearful. They offer a few nightly specials, often duck and fish. Entrees range $12-$20.

The Food:
In the food department, arguably the most important one, they've still got it. There isn't an item on the menu you could go wrong with.

The Service:
Friendly, beautiful and occasionally distracted.

Reservations: Strongly suggested.

Overall: B
If I'd never been here before, I would likely ranked it higher; however, I feel a sense of complacency has settled in.

Reviewed : Oct 2003

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