840 Ulloa St (West Portal Ave)
phone: 415.665.4350
Steak House
Beer and wine only

The Bullshead is a funny place. It's definitely an established, neighborhood, no-frills steak house. People aren't there to pitch a sale or have a romantic date. They're there to eat beef. And beef they shall eat.

The Ambience:
No. Well, yes, I guess, since it is truly unique, what with the taxidermied bullhead on the wall and big ole slabs of hanging meat near the salad bar. Think diner with wood paneling.

The Menu:
Beef, beef and mm mm beef. NY Strip, filet, 16-oz, steak ‘n' seafood, burgers. Most come with salad and are $16-$28. The wine choices are "red" or "white," but I think they've got a decent beer selection.

The Food:
People, you can CHOOSE your steak from the showcase if you like. They grind their own. The fries are pretty damn good, the salad bar is standard and the meat is fresh fresh fresh. The fried mushrooms were kinda slimy and gross, but the rest of the meal was fine.

The Service:
Not really with a smile, but she was efficient and accurate. And she brought us the beef, so we had to be thankful for that.

Reservations: Not accepted.

Overall: B-
Yes, the food was okay, but for those prices, I need more than a place to shovel dinner in my mouth, like maybe friendlier service and some fresh paint in the back room.

Reviewed : Oct 2003

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