Alamo Square Grill

803 Fillmore @ Grove
phone: 415.440.2828
French, Seafood
Beer and wine only

Eating at this comfy Western Addition restaurant makes me feel like I stepped out to dine in Paris or New York in the fifties. Cozy, a little funky, friendly and sheltered by thick neighborhood trees, it's a vactaion from the usual impersonal nature of most SF restaurants.

The Ambience:
It's always bustling, but the lights, the jazz, the mirrors and the energy are in perfect balance. These folks know their feng shui. The tables are close to each other and the volume tends to be up a notch, but at Alamo Square I never mind a bit.

The Menu:
Lots of fresh fish, including nightly specials and a make-your-own selection (five different kinds of fish, cooking techniques and sauces to mix and match). I think they usually have a meat or two on the blackboard as well. $14-$18.

The Food:
Fresh and tasty. It's never very thrilling, but always a good bet. And I'm a sucker for the option of Hollandaise on whatever I want. Sweet decadence.

The Service:
French. They're very brisk and busy, so much so that it's often difficult to get their attention or memory.

Reservations: Suggested.

Overall: B+
The perfect atmosphere overrides all other faults.

Reviewed : Oct 2003

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